Toy Story Tricks

The first entirely computer animated movie in the history of motion pictures left an indelible impression on children. The success of "Toy Story" success was a direct result of two company's efforts, Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar. Together they created a movie that would fascinate parents, children, grandparents, and just about everyone who has seen it.

The movie included 79 minutes of animation. One week of work for the entire staff would render a mere 3.5 minutes of completed animation. Time consuming as it was, this picture required the smallest animation staff in Disney animation history. Over 400 models were used and 114,240 frames of computer animation came together to make this incredible film.

The characters were carefully created. Buzz Lightyear, a molded plastic space ranger with a voice supplied by Tim Allen. Buzz was controlled by 700 animation variables. Then of course was the ever-popular Woody. He was the main character, with eyes for Bo Peep. She being the porcelain lamp on the night stand in Andy's room. It's said that the two were romantically linked. Tom Hanks amused us with his voice in this character. Woody was controlled by 712 animation variables with 212 of those in his face alone.

And finally a brief note on one more character who simply did not receive the fame he deserved, Rex. His resemblance to the Cowardly Lion of "The Wizard of Oz" was uncanny as he cowered in his fear of confrontations. As a Tyrannosaurus Rex his history would mandate a fearsome creature but as Rex he would better be named Fearful. This lovable creature's voice was that of Wallace Shawn.

After the completion of 800,000 hours of work the film had finally been finished. It seems as though all that work had paid off. It amazed audiences everywhere and once again Disney (and Pixar of course) captivated children of all ages. Main Menu
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