Radio Flyer

Radio Flyer is much like apple pie. You may be saying now how can that be? Both are very strong symbols of the warmth of American culture. Children have long been seen smiling from cheek to cheek as they pull their little brother, sister, or favorite doll down the street in one of those great red wagons. It is a company that has grown for 80 years.

80 Years! It all began in 1917 with a gentleman by the name of Antonio Pasin. He hand-crafted his first wagon in a one room workshop. Well, as you can imagine it was not too long before he had to expand into a factory and so he did in 1923. He hired a few helpers and built a factory that he called the Liberty Coast Wagon Company. In 1927 the first steel wagon was made, and what a beauty it was. By 1930 their company had become the world's largest producer of Coaster Wagons. The company decided very strategically that the opportunity to make their company a recognized name had come. As a result they brought a 45-foot Coaster Boy to the Chicago World's Fair in 1933. It got the attention they hoped it would. After many years of modifications and increased safety features that would set the standards for the wagon industry, the company changed its name to Radio Flyer after its most popular product the Radio Flyer Wagon. This occurred in 1987. Today, the third generation of Pasin's own and manage the company. This year marks the company's 80th birthday. Children everywhere can celebrate this traditional toy as its manufacturers take it into the 21st Century.

Radio flyer not only manufacturers traditional wagons, they now have some new and fun creations. They make toys such as a 28-inch Puppet Theater, an Easel for the artist in all our children, and Tiny Trike tricycle. Their line has extended beyond toys and now they have apparel for the die-hard Radio Flyer fan. They even make an "I love my Radio Flyer" bib. The opportunities are endless.

The company has come far since its origin in 1917. And given that they appeared with a 45-foot Coaster Boy at the Chicago World's Fair, it's no surprise that they placed the world's largest wagon in front of Toy Fair 97 this last February. The company represents a true sense of safety, stability, and fun. Congratulations on 80 years of continued success! Main Menu
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