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Yes, you can make toys at home! For many years people have made handmade toys. Paper dolls are a perfect example. These items can be used for parties or just play time. They are fun to make and require little effort. Most of the items below have been rated as "easy to do" by crafters. Children should always make sure to work with a parent or guardian. These crafts are fun but require supervision. Please take appropriate safety measures.

Clay: Mix one cup of flour, one cup of water, a half cup of salt, one tablespoon of oil, and one tablespoon of Cream of Tarter together. Mix all ingredients in a large pot over low heat. Use a wooden spoon to mix well until lumps are gone. Allow it to cool and then knead it on wax paper. You're done, now for the fun!

Foam Nurse Hat: You'll need childproof scissors, ruler, glue, and white and red foam sheets. Use white foam sheet lengthwise. Make a fold 3" up from bottom. Bring top sides down to bottom to create a cone shape. Secure with glue. Then fold the point down to center back. Cut out a red cross from red foam sheet and glue it onto center front of hat. Children can explore their imagination as a nurse. Also use this concept to create other types of foam sheet hats like a Princess Cone hat, Peter Pan hat, or even Napoleon hat.

Beanbag Creature: You'll need some material, needle and thread, rice, colored marker, joggle eyes, and glue. Cut two pieces of material in the same shape about a half inch larger then you want the item to be. Lets say in the shape of a sea star (but you can use any shape you like). Sew the two pieces of material tightly together along the sides, right side in. Leave a small hole to insert rice. Turn it out and insert rice until mostly full. Sew the hole together. Stick eyes on with glue and draw on a face. Then use this fun toy for fun with children over the age of 4.

(The following craft should only be done under the careful supervision of an adult!) Recycled Crayons: You'll need old broken crayons, cookie cutters, old sauce pan or tins (that can be discarded if need), a bucket of sand (for safety reasons), and aluminum foil. Cover tin with aluminum foil. Melt the old crayons by color in the tin. Use low heat. Melt blue tones at the same time and so forth so as not to mix too many colors. Place cookie cutters on aluminum foil piece. Pour a quarter inch layer into cookie cutter. A crayon in the shape of the cookie cutter will be created once the wax cools. Do not touch hot wax as it will burn you. Remove the crayon from cookie cutter once it has cooled. Some may break but then simply process again. Helpful hints: Wax can catch fire. If it does, water will not extinguish it. Rather, use sand and pour it over the burning wax. Also, cooling the cookie cutters in the fridge before putting wax in them will help the crayons cool faster.

Colored Salt: Add one teaspoon of slightly water diluted food coloring to a cup of regular table salt. Spread onto paper towel or microwaveable paper plates (thick enough so color won't seep onto microwave). Microwave for two minutes. Remove from microwave, let cool, and then break up clumps with your fingers.

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